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About Debt Consolidation

We are a trusted Australian debt solution provider helping Australians in financial difficulties consolidate multiple debts into one simple debt consolidation loan solution.

Debt Consolidation understands that managing your debt can be stressful. We also understand that everyone has goals and aspirations. Sometimes you’re faced with financial hurdles that get in the way. It may seem like your debt from personal loans, credit cards and store cards can keep piling up and it may feel as if there is no way to recover from the vicious cycle of mounting debts, however, all you really need is a helping hand to get it under control. 

You deserve the chance to clear your debt in a sustainable way. Stop the debt collectors calling, the persistent emails and dreaded letters. For many years we have been providing fast, simple and stress-free debt consolidation loans that help you get back on track and in control of your finances.


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Debt Consolidation customers can look forward to the following positive benefits

Regain financial control

Combining your payments into a single payment means you can see your progress and can budget more easily.

Reduced financial stress

Stop the constant annoying phone calls and letters from creditors, without the worry of managing multiple payments.

Save money

Reduce the high-interest rates of credit cards and prevent late fees with a single loan that merges your credit payments into one.

Avoiding arrears and defaults

Don’t risk bad credit by struggling to manage lots of different payments. By consolidating you can stay on top of financial obligations.

Simplify budget management

When you only have a single payment each month, you know how much you have to pay to reduce your debt, making budget planning easier.

Achieving lifelong goals and objectives

When you get on top of your debt, you can look forward to a more prosperous future and start building a financial future.

Why choose Debt Consolidation?

Australian Debt Consolidation

We've helped many Australians over the past 20 years in need to consolidate credit obligations and get back in control of life.

Debt Consolidation will tell your quickly how we can help

Debt Consolidation will let you know very quickly how we can help and advise you of your debt management options

Easy, sustainable debt management loan terms

Our loan interest rates are competitive and our finance terms are flexible. Payment terms are based upon your ability to pay.

Our guiding principles

Experienced, caring team

Experienced debt consolidation experts

We go the extra mile

Our experienced debt consolidation specialists work together with you to provide with the best possible consolidation loan experience.

Specialists who understand you

We help Australians every day

Our goal is to provide a debt consolidation loan that you can afford with your current income and expenses, to take away the stress of debt management.

The right debt solution for you

Debt Consolidation is upfront and honest. If you’re not eligible well let you know and help you find the best solution for your current financial situation.

We keep you in the loop

Debt Consolidation is upfront and honest. If you’re not eligible well let you know and help you find the best solution for your current financial situation.

Keeping things simple

Simple financial solutions

Our process is fast and easy

At Debt Consolidation we focus on what is important: flexible and easy to manage consolidation loans to suit your finances.

Take control of your finances with Debt Consolidation!