How does Debt Consolidation work?

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A Debt consolidation loan works by combining your debts into one simple repayment

We believe in giving you the best possible loan product to meet your financial goals. Our aim is to match your needs with the right debt consolidation loan. Our team of loan specialists have helped thousands of Australians worry-less about their credit obligations. It might seem like there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, but our debt consolidation process can help get your finances back on track. So, how does debt consolidation work?

How does debt consolidation work?

The process of debt consolidation is simple. It involves taking all of your current debts and combining them into one, easy to manage loan. This has many benefits, including lower interest rates, easier management of repayments, and many more.

But how does debt consolidation work? By tying all of your different debts into one big loan with new terms, you only deal with that one lender going forwards. Therefore, debt consolidation loans are a form of refinance. This means that you are still tied to a finance agreement, but it is far easier to manage than before and on new terms set by you. Find out how you can consolidate debt below.

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