A lot of people lose their jobs every day. If you are in between jobs, here are tips to help you start your new position or your own business using ‘no credit check loans’.

Start a part-time gig that requires little capital

If you can spare at least 2 hours of extra work waiting tables, delivering newspapers or babysitting then you’re using the proceeds of your loans wisely. In fact, you only need a few dollars to look for those types of jobs and buy clothes or items needed to do the job well. You can be a dog walker or a personal shopper—both of which really pay well, if you have time to leave your house.

Here are tips in finding part-time jobs that can become better means of income in the future:

  • Look for small employers/startups offering flexible work-hours and similar perks that big companies do not. Since they can’t afford to pay full-time salaries, you can enjoy the part time schedule. Some would even allow you to work from home because they have limited working space or they also operate their business from their own homes.
  • Look for jobs within the community or church. There are many small-time jobs offered by these institutions that do not necessarily have high salaries. But, a few extra dollars a week is never a bad thing.
  • Get into the sales world. There are many companies that would pay you depending on the number of sales you made. This can range anywhere from selling baby books to real estate.
  • Apply as an in-house temp to a company that you really want to work for in the long run. Many companies promote people who have worked on a temporary basis. So give it your best shot, and who knows you might get hired permanently.

Start a small business

It doesn’t have to be big. In fact, you can start an online shop, a small photo studio or even a dog sitting centre.

There are many perks of starting your own business: you can pursue your passion and work at the convenience of your own home. It will not only cut out your transportation cost, but help you save some of your regular expenses, such as working clothes and coffee.

With a little capital, you can start your own business which will give you more time to spend with your family and customers. But remember that you are your own boss – if  you slack off, your profits will decrease. If you resent the traditional 9 to 5 working hours, make sure that the hours you set for your work suit the needs of your customers.

Startups, no matter how small need fresh and unique business ideas that customers would want/need. You can’t just sporadically choose a product or service. Always put yourself in the shoes of your customer’s persona.

Save money to earn more

Come to think of it, if you take out no credit check loans to pay off high interest loans, it’s just like earning money without doing anything. You can then use this extra money for other obligations and needs.


Being unemployed, when you have no business, could destroy your credit rating. It’s because zero income could mean zero payments on your existing debts. But, if you don’t want to start a part-time gig and you’re not really sure if you’re into business, you can start enhancing your skills by attending short-term courses and training. Going back to school is a lot better than using up all the proceeds from your loan for daily needs while you’re plodding around the job market. You can poke recruiters all you want, but you won’t get the job until you’re qualified for it.

Instead of worrying if your money can keep you afloat while you ignore your debt collectors pounding on your door, get some skills to get the job fast. That will add up to the skills and knowledge in your resume, and will back up all the qualities that you claim to possess. If you’re great at socialising and handling events, a short-term course in events planning may do the trick. At least, you have something fresh to offer to your target employers. Plus, potential employers may also be looking for new hires in the same training centre or school. You can always network with your instructor and other students so that you can find the job suited to your skills.