Testimonials | Debt Consolidation Loans




“The Team was wonderful. They were able to secure a loan for me to get all of
my debts into one manageable monthly payment. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and hard work.”
– Tara, WA


“Kathleen & company helped me get out of the debt I was drowning in. With their help, I am now debt free.”
– Josh, NSW


“I can’t thank Debt Consolidation enough for their help. I went from paying 15 creditors to
one payment a month. A payment that I could afford that allowed me to pay my down my
debt easily.”
-Vanessa, QLD


“Shelby is a ray of sunshine. She was kind, considerate, and so helpful. She guided
me every step of the way and made something I found stressful less stressful.
-Diane, NSW


“They are friendly and caring. Yes, they were able to get me the
loan, but it was their customer service that I appreciated
the most.”
-Campbell, WA


“Debt Consolidation were A++. They were understanding and patient with all my questions.
And I had a lot of questions! With their help, I have one monthly payment instead of
many monthly payments. I can’t thank them enough for their help.”
-Riley, SA


“As couple with 2 kids struggling under a recent medical emergency, these guys,
listened with an open ear about what we needed and answered any of our concerns. You
can’t get that big banks who look at you as number and not a human. We are forever grateful
for them.”
– Elijah & Samantha, VIC


“They was recommended to me by a friend. I didn’t want to admit I needed
debt relief. As a single father, admitting I needed help, felt like I was letting my kid down.
Kathleen was so nice and helpful. She didn’t shame me like I had experienced at other
companies. She helped me realize it is okay to ask for help when you need it and that I was
not alone. Thank you Kathleen!”
-Archie, TAS


“With my marriage looming around the corner, I wanted to get my finances in order
before my partner & I tied the knot. They helped me achieve my
financial goal of doing that and I was able to start my marriage debt free.”
-Henry, NSW


“They helped me get out of debt AND I HAD A LOT OF DEBT! They held my
hand when I needed it and I can’t thank them enough for being a wonderful company.”
-Augustus, VIC


“I will recommend you to everyone I know. I’d shout it from the top of
Everest if I could! Thank you!!! Thank you!”
-Leah, NSW


“They are truly wonderful and amazing. I would be drowning in debt if
it weren’t for them.”
-Olivia, NSW


“I’d name my first child after them if I hadn’t already named him
Milo. That’s how wonderful they were to work with.”
-Alice, NT


“Monica was the kindest and most considerate person I have ever
spoken to or worked with at a business. She has the patience of a monk and never
let me give up or let go of hope I’d be debt free.”
-Jack, NSW


“I was desperate for someone to talk to and they listened and answered my
questions. They gave me everything I needed to make a decision on how to get my
growing debt under control.”
-Anna, NSW


“They are the best. With their help, I was able to get my finances
under control instead of continuing that downward spiral.”
-Gabriella, VIC


“If you need financial help, advice, answers, and so on, THIS IS THE BEST
company to work with. Why? Because they get it done and they’re awfully nice people.”
-Jessie, NSW


“I can’t say enough about the amazing work they did for me. Thank you
just doesn’t seem like enough to me.”
-Patricia, QLD


“I don’t think it’s cool to say the bomb dot com anymore, but that is what
they are. If you want friendly service that offers an answer fast, then hit their
apply button now.”
-Owen, NSW


“What can I say: Great service. Easy application. Fast response.
Friendly team. Saved my life.”
-Jordan, SA


“Thank you doesn’t cut it, but THANK YOU!”
-Lynn, NSW